Podcast Episode 3: Camilla Dickson, Founder BLACK – Being Authentic in Dance.

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This week we are joined by Camilla Dickson, founder of BLACK, a dance training programme based in London. BLACK focuses on social dance styles like hip hop, popping, house and other underground styles, and creates a space where dancers can train in a positive and fun environment. Camilla who is of Ghanaian heritage shares her passion for arts and theatre, and how she got into dance by watching shows like “So You think You Can Dance”. Camilla has a professional background in Creative Management and shares how she is able to utilise her skills in Finance, Marketing and Leadership in the day to day running of her business.  On the podcast we touch on the importance of staying authentic in the dance industry and “doing you”. Camilla has danced for Comic Relief and the REBIRTH Christian Network. For more on our podcast conversation, click here.

You can find out more about BLACK on

Instagram- Black

Instagram- Camilla Dickson

Website- www.thisisblack.co.uk