Podcast Episode 5: André Bright, Entrepreneur & Founder of Find Me A Class and BeCome Immersive- How to enjoy being in the moment and stay winning.


André Bright is an entrepreneur with a passion for dance and Africa. André shares with us how he started “Find Me a Class – an online platform which allows people to find dance classes near their location, a concept that was inspired by a trip to New York city. He talks about his Sierra Leonean heritage and his passion for Africa which led him to start Be/Come- an immersive African dance theatre production about the identity and displacement of the African diaspora. André who has a background in architecture talks about how he finds inspiration everywhere, the joy he gets from each entrepreneur milestone and the importance of having a winning mindset. Some of his dance credits include- Little Mix, Jesse J, and Robbie Williams. For more on our podcast conversation, click here.

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