Podcast Episode 6: Sarah Amankwah, Creative- Creativity and Telling Your Truth.

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On this week’s podcast episode, we speak to Sarah Amankwah. Sarah is what I like to call a true all-round creative. She is an actress, a spoken word poet, a singer, a painter and a dancer. Born in North London to Ghanaian parents, Sarah took up acting 10 years ago and has since been featured in some critically acclaimed productions, including London’s West End Musical Production of the Lion King, the Box Office apocalyptic movie, World War Z starring Brad Pitt and a UK Crime Drama, Marcella. She talks to us about her journey into acting and her passion for telling stories. We also touch on her faith in God and her other passion- spoken word poetry, which she uses as a tool to express her truth. Sarah talks to us about her world view which is informed through a biblical perspective and shares and how being a Christian has helped her cope with whatever life may throw her way. Sarah is currently in a feature production- Amadeus at the National Theatre in London. For more on our podcast conversation, click here.

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