Podcast Episode 7: Seyi Ogebule, VP & Co-Founder the Joule Foundation. ‘Paying it Forward’ STEM for Girls in Africa

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This week our guest on the African Bohemian podcast is Seyi Ogebule, an engineer who is based in the United States. Seyi who is of Nigerian heritage attended graduate school in Indiana and has since committed herself to giving back to the African continent. Her love for the field of science has enabled her to give back by ‘Paying It Forward’ through STEM in Africa. In 2015, she and a group of friends from graduate school got together to start a non-profit called the Joule Foundation which seeks to see more girls in Africa purse an education in the field of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM). By partnering with local actors, the Joule foundation is designing tailor-made academic workshops and programmes that links the theoretical aspects of learning with practical hands-on activities. The foundation also focuses on mentoring, building interpersonal skills and career guidance initiatives for secondary/high school girls. In this episode, you will learn why the Joule foundation decided to go with STEM, why their approach is female-focused and what advice Seyi has for others looking to pursue a career in the field of STEM. For more on our podcast conversation, click here.

You can find out more about the Joule Foundation on:

Website – www.joulefoundation.org/

GoFundMe – www.gofundme.com/thejoulefoundation

Facebook – www.facebook.com/thejoulefoundation

Instagram – @joulefoundation

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