Podcast Episode 8: Sara dos Santos, Choreographer, Artist and Teacher- “the Rhythm of a Dance Choreographer”

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This week on the African Bohemian podcast show, we speak to Sara dos Santos – a movement artist, a choreographer and a teacher. Sara Dos Santos is an award-winning choreographer, independent movement artist and teacher based in UK. She uses dance as a medium to tell stories, raise awareness and inspire change through thought-provoking dance theatre productions.  Sara who is of Saotomean heritage (Sao Tome Principe is an island off the coast of West/Central Africa), started dancing and the tender age of 9 years old and has been moving to the rhythm ever since. Since 2011, she has been choregraphing and has appeared in a number of renowned productions, including the London Olympics Opening Ceremony to mention a few. She is international in every sense of the word and has worked with dancers from across the world, including Brazil, Cuba and New York. Sara is currently the artistic director of curve creative dance company- a contemporary dance company. In this episode, we touch on:

  • what Sara loves about being an artistic director;
  • the importance of bringing the right attitude with you when you dance;
  • the unspoken heroes of the slave abolitionist movement;
  • and binge-watching Netflix series

For more on our podcast conversation, click here. You can find out more about Sara dos Santos on:

Facebook – Sara dos Santos

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Website – https://www.saradossantos.co/