Podcast Episode 9: Yasmine Fofana, Food Blogger- Placing African Food on the Map.

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This week on the African Bohemian podcast, we speak to Yasmine Fofana aka “Afrofoodie”- a West African food lover with a taste for international cuisine. Yasmine who is currently based in London is a Mandela Washington Fellow and a master’s student pursuing a post-graduate degree in Tourism. Six years ago, she started food blogging, initially as a past time, but soon enough, her food blog became quite renowned for its content and she quickly became the foodie reference for Ivorian readers from France & the United States. Yasmine refuses to define herself as a food or restaurant critic, but instead sees herself as a food lover/food entrepreneur. In the six years since Yasmine started her food blogging adventure, she has launched the 1st restaurant/food blog of Côte d’Ivoire and introduced the Abidjan Restaurant week.

In this episode we touch on:

  • what inspired Yasmine to start her culinary adventure;
  • great spots to find African Cuisine in London;
  • the importance of establishing good working relations in the food industry;
  • following your passion but putting in the work,
  • the challenge of being consistent, and
  • the intricacies of achieving that picture-perfect food selfie.


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