The African Bohemian is a network platform that connects and equips aspiring African entrepreneurs with the support to follow their dream of launching their own business. The vision behind The African Bohemian is to connect people who are unconventional and think outside the proverbial career ‘box’. It applies to anyone who wants multiple income streams, seeks a change in career or who simply believes that there is more than one path to professional fulfillment. We believe that not everyone was born to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant or an engineer. But we are born to do that which we are most passionate about and brings us the most fulfillment.

ojima profile

The African Bohemian is the brain child of Ojima Salifu-Appiah, an African in the diaspora. While trying to start a business in the United Kingdom, she struggled to find a network of like-minded Africans that she could learn from and discuss her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She found that this support network was crucial for first-time business owners, who often feel overwhelmed at the prospect and are likely to give-up within the first year of starting their enterprise.  The African Bohemian was founded to give African rising stars in the beauty, fashion, music, arts, sports and corporate industries a voice and a platform to discuss their experiences, frustrations and identify factors that shape and influence them on their journey to becoming a business owner. You will get the opportunity to learn from, discuss with and share the stage with successful African entrepreneurs. It promises to be real, fun, exciting, informative and thought-provoking.


Our aim is to bring together Africans in the diaspora who seek to become entrepreneurs and business-owners. By featuring the stories and experiences of successful African entrepreneurs and giving finance, creative, entrepreneurship and lifestyle tips, we hope to inspire a generation of African creatives. As an aspiring entrepreneur you will learn how to turn your talent and creativity into a business idea. Our focus is on African ‘movers and shakers’ in various sectors, including corporate, science, arts and social influencers. We believe in the ingenuity of African creativity.