A weekly podcast with African creatives, small-business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. We discuss their journey, share their experiences and highlight some of the lessons learned along the way.

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Episode 1: Felicity Allimadi: making music for the soul 

Episode 2: Doriane Perry: Founder DPHAIRKLOSET : versatility in the hair styling industry

Episode 3: Camilla Dickson: Founder BLACK: being authentic in dance.

Episode 4: Jazmin Lanyero: Freelance Hairstylist & Founder ABITOFJAZ: having the right attitude. 

Episode 5: André Bright: Entrepreneur & Founder Find Me A Class and BeCome Immersive: How to enjoy being in the moment and stay winning.

Episode 6: Sarah Amankwah: Creative: Creativity and Telling Your Truth

Episode 7: Seyi Ogebule: VP & Co-founder the Joule Foundation, ‘Paying it Forward’ STEM for Girls in Africa 

Episode 8: Sara dos Santos, Choreographer, Artist and Teacher- “the Rhythm of a Dance Choreographer”

Episode 9: Yasmine Fofana, Food Blogger- Placing African Food on the Map

Episode 10: Florence Adepoju, Entrepreneur- The Beauty Game-Changer. 

Episode 11: Wawira Njiru, Social Entrepreneur- No Child Should Go To School Hungry